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How I Edit My Instagram Stories

This post has been in the works for a long time now.

A lot of you constantly ask me questions via DM about my Instagram Stories.
Questions on 1) how I edit my Instagram Stories, 2) the thought process that goes into posting, and 3) what apps I use to create my Instagram Stories.

Just a quick sidenote: since content creating / social media marketing is my full-time job, I put in a lot of effort into my Instagram feed and my Instagram Stories. I make sure to double-check on grammatical errors, whether I'm posting the right links, the right tags and hashtags, etc. It's important to always be on top of my game when it comes to posting, so I'm very particular with everything. Not to mention, I'm a perfectionist when it comes to these things, so... there's that.


Step 1: Typically, I start an Instagram Story with a vision in mind. If it's a blog post, I'll start by using the app Unfold to organize my IG Stories. This is really helpful, especially if you're a visual learner like me. 
I'll walk you through an example of a blog post that I organize before publishing on IG Stories.
I'll organize and label the IG Stories by name, so it's easier to find.

I like to start my first IG Story with a title of the new blog post, and usually the photo I post with the Instagram post. I'll keep it sweet, short, and to the point... but I try not to give it all away on the first Story...

Next, I like to use the screen recorder to capture my blog post in HD quality. I'll scroll through parts of my blog post that I want to highlight, save it, and bring it over to Unfold. Unfold has a lot of layouts to choose from, but some of them you do have to pay for!

99.9% of the time, I'll add the screen recorded video on my next IG Story to share a little bit more of my blog post. Again, I don't like to give everything away because the whole point is for the viewers to read the rest on my blog. 

I'll add tidbits of my blog post, again that I want to highlight. 

And finally... I'll add the 'SWIPE UP TO READ' IG Story at the end with the link included.


More examples of how I organize my IG Stories can be for events I go to here in New York City, unboxing hauls of products, NYC life in general, highlighting new photos on my feed, and other random things that I will feel like posting. 

EXAMPLE 1: Since the algorithm likes to hide posts from a lot of you guys, I try to *reshare* my new photos to keep my viewers informed that there's a new photo on my feed.

EXAMPLE 2: I get this question a lot too: How do you get the calligraphy writing on your Stories? 
I don't use a stylus or pen to write on my screen. I actually use my finger. I've had neat handwriting growing up, so for me, this always came naturally. 
For those who aren't used to writing calligraphy fonts on screens, I would try practicing it over and over. Look at how certain words are curved from those you want to copy, and practice it over and over.

 EXAMPLE 3: Questions and polls are two big things I like to push on my IG Stories. I receive a lot of questions and interactions from my followers, and I also LOVE conversing with new people in general! 

 EXAMPLE 4: I like to display products in the best light (also, literally) when it comes to promoting brands on my IG Stories. I'll try to use the right kind of music for the background, make sure the tags are correct, and also I'll think of how I want to promote the product in one sitting as possible, but also not overdoing it. For example, I *TRY* not to boomerang or video each individual product because I don't want to go overboard with these hauls. I for starters, don't like looking at tiny dots from an unboxing IG Story, so I wouldn't expect anyone else to enjoy it either. 

EXAMPLE 5: Before heading off to events, I like to explain what I'm doing for the event, or my 'schedule' for the remainder of the day/night. That way, my followers are informed of what to expect, and what to look forward to. Not only that, I like to show what I'm wearing (with the brands linked or tagged) in the IG Story before stepping out. In case I get questions throughout the night, and I'm occupied to answer them right away. 


I mentioned already that I use Unfold. Another app that I've been using frequently (before it started crashing on me every time I open it) is the app Prequel. It adds these 'warp' effects for photos and videos, different filters, and also allows you to add in music.

P.S. if you download it and try it, can you please let me know if the app crashes? I've been having trouble with it for awhile now, and have been trying to get in touch with the app developers about the issue! 

Other apps that I sometimes use are Canva for texts and layouts, and Hype Type -- an app that allows you create animated texts over photos and videos. 

Hope this was helpful! 
This is pretty much it when it comes to editing my Instagram Stories.
All in all, just have fun with it. Don't overwhelm yourself, and really let your creativity flow.

Let me know if you have any other questions :)

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