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The One Question We All Need To Ask Ourselves

This has always been a question that I've been wanting to ask for quite a while now...

I've been blogging for a long time. 8 years now.
And with the constant evolving growth of bloggers and influencers, to seeing change take form in the influencer community, I've realized a lot of things. I've seen power and growth in an industry that used to be so minimal. I've seen fellow blogger friends utilize their talents to create art in the most beautiful way possible. I've even seen questionable things. And some, just downright curious of what bloggers and blogging in general, means to the public. To the audience following. To the audience interacting with me, and to others.

This is important to understand because not only are we dealing with influencers or should I say "influencers" cheating the system with fake followers and fake engagement, but also brands, their integrity, and everyone else around them who feels inspired to follow down their path. It doesn't just hurt them, but everyone else in the process too.

I want to emphasize this because we're reaching a time where it's important to understand why you follow certain people. Is it because they inspire you? Remind you to never give up on your dreams? Inspire you to stay in school? Or is it just pretty pictures and pretty words that you like to look at in your free time? Or is it because they have great style and know where to shop the best deals and sales?
So a question I really wanted to pose to you guys was...

Why do you follow influencers? 

The word "influence" can be seen in a good light and a bad light. To "influence" someone or a group of people can be done right, if the right people are educated on what that effect has to an audience. I think what we see on social media -- with luxurious trips, materialistic items, cars, clothes, etc. -- is raising the bar to an extreme on what is normal to people. It's true that we want to portray the best versions of ourselves, but we can do so in a realistic manner. In a 'normal' and real way, so that people aren't raising the bar more and more just for an Instagram photo. It's ridiculous, but what I see on the Explore page on Instagram is just beyond me. It's strictly luxury after luxury, and some people may see this as inspiration, which can be a good thing (don't get me wrong), but others see it as a letdown. That that's the standard of being normal and if you don't have that or that lifestyle, there's no point in posting a photo of you smiling and holding a coffee mug on your front step. 
It's not good enough.

Why are we giving the wrong impression to those we want to influence that that's the normal lifestyle we should all strive for? One that can be unattainable for some. Why not emphasize the realness of hardships and struggles that we all face too? It's a part of life, isn't it? 

This really sparked me to write a blog post on this topic after watching Evelina's YouTube video on her thoughts on being an influencer. If you haven't watched it, I recommend you do. 

And just something else I've been curious about too: 
Why do you follow me?

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