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Latest Looks Round-Up

I know it's been awhile since I've been on Gracefullee Made...

5 WAYS I Plan To Spend Thanksgiving This Year

Thanksgiving may come once a year, but giving THANKS should be year round.


It's happening.
New York City is gearing up for the holidays.

Aliz Hotel Times Square One-Year Anniversary Event

A couple of weeks ago, I partnered with Aliz Hotel Times Square to takeover their IG Stories to share photos from my mini staycation and their one-year anniversary.

What I Learned From The NYC Marathon

I've had a couple of things on my mind in regards to the NYC Marathon that took place this past Sunday.

Halloween Plans + My Favorite Fall Look Yet...

We've been experiencing some perfect Fall weather these past few weeks.

9TH BLOGIVERSARY // What I Learned in Year 2 Living in NYC

It just occurred to me yesterday that it was my 9TH BLOGIVERSARY.

New Chapter: On The Grow

I have some news.

The Season of Waiting

Hi. Remember me? 
Long time no chat.

*Updated* NYC Summer List + 20 Photo Worthy Spots

We're heading into the heatwave summer months of New York City...

Cheers to Summer with H&B Provence

It goes without saying that no matter the season, New York City has a little something for everyone. One of the many reasons I love it here. There’s never a dull moment, and every season, I feel like i can never tackle everything I want to do on my NYC bucket list. 
With too many activities to choose from, there is one thing I want to do more of this summer.

Her Conference LA INSPIRE

I know it’s been awhile since I last posted, but I wanted to sit down and write out my experience at Her Conference LA INSPIRE this past weekend.

Social Media is Like a Mirror

Social media is like a mirror.

How I Stay Positive in Stressful Situations

There's been a particular question that I've been asked on my Instagram.

Defining What It Means To 'Be Better'

I've always wondered what it means to "be better.
So often, we hear things like “I’ll do better.” 
This can be done better.” “This needs to be better.” “Is there a better one?”

What I Think Of Blogging Now

These past few months, I've had more tabs open in my mind than ever before.

Opening Up About What's Been On My Mind...

Most people would probably think I'm an open book.

5 Things To Buy for Spring

I think the transition period from winter to Spring is to blame for my shopping splurges lately.

Learning to Say No

I've always been the kind of girl who took advantage of all opportunities. 

Celebrating Spring with Risata Wines

I never thought this day would come.

Thank You For Voting -- InfluenceHer of the Year

I’m so excited by this news...

Life Update + Answered Instagram Story Questions

Because I've been receiving a lot of random questions on a daily basis on Instagram, I figured it was time for another Q&A round-up.

Polka Dot Dot Dot

Back in middle school, I used to cringe when St. Patrick's Day rolled around because I didn't like the color green.

Red-Y or Not

Maybe Valentine's Day month is to blame, but I've been really into red dresses lately... 

A Birthday Letter

When I was in high school, I used to wonder what it'd be like when I was 24.

NYFW Q&A -- What You Need to Know

I asked you guys to submit your questions about NYFW on my Instagram Stories and received a lot of feedback. 

5 Things To Do for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day isn't just about the status of your relationship. I want to emphasize that. 

Valentine's Day Looks for Winter

If you've been following along with my New York Fashion Week madness on Instagram, you've probably seen most of my looks have been inspired by the holiday.

Valentine's Day Gift Idea for the Indecisive Gift Buyer

I've never been much of a gift-giver.

80s Vibes and NYFW Prep

Hello from the Polar Vortex that is New York City.

What I Look For in a Relationship

I don't believe you'll find everything you want in one person.

Dear Henri Bendel...

Last week, Henri Bendel officially closed its doors.

What It Means To Be a True New Yorker

One of my best blogger friends asked me a question on Instagram the other day, and I thought it was such a good blog post idea.

7 Cafes You Must Try in NYC

One of the many reasons why I love New York City is because I feel like I never run out of cool new places to visit.

5 WAYS To Manage A Busy Lifestyle

The secret I've learned about handling a busy lifestyle is balance.

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