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7 Cafes You Must Try in NYC

One of the many reasons why I love New York City is because I feel like I never run out of cool new places to visit.

I feel like I'm constantly finding a new hidden gem every time I step outdoors in the City.
It's amazing to live in a place that always seems like you're on an adventure. All the more reason to share my new favorite spots with all of you.

Even though this was a requested post, I wanted to round up some of my *new* favorite coffee spots / drink spots that are Instagram-worthy and have great coffee options to satisfy your java cravings.

Here are 6 COFFEE SHOPS + A BEAUTIFUL RESTAURANT / BAR that you want to visit the next time you're in NYC.

1. Old Rose 
Located in the Jane Hotel, on the west side of Manhattan, this place has a beautiful marble bar, marble tables, lighting is always on point... and they have really yummy granola + lattes.

Located in Nolita with the most picturesque front door (see the main photo of the blog post)...
I tried their Ube (Purple Yam) latte and I highly recommend you try it. It's so good. 

I also love that they offer different types of lattes -- turmeric, matcha, rose, lavender, etc. -- and carries a variety of milks: almond, oatmilk, etc. 

There's a couple of locations in New York, as well as other locations, but the one in Dumbo, Brooklyn has a flamingo wall, as well as marble tables for that perfect latte shot. 

My usual order: matcha latte with oatmilk. Or the avocado toast -- so good.

I just recently discovered this cafe this week, and fell in love with the space and lattes.
There's two locations, one in Brooklyn and one in SoHo, but I visited the Brooklyn one. It's located by the water (Jay Street), and even though you'd think it's a smaller cafe, it's actually pretty spacious. There's room to read, do work, or even lounge around.

Everything on the menu is pretty much matcha -- aka heaven -- so I felt right at home here.
I ordered my usual matcha latte with oatmilk, but I wouldn't mind giving the Vanilla Zen matcha a try.

Located in Midtown (1004 Second Avenue -- the corner of 53rd Street and 2nd Avenue), this is quite possibly one of the cutest and picturesque restaurants you'll ever see.
I visited it for a brunch date with Natalie awhile back, and definitely plan to go back.

They have really good acai bowls -- btw. 

Whenever people ask me for a coffee shop recommendation on the Upper East Side, I always share this one. I stumbled across it with my boyfriend a while ago for a dinner date, and had to go back the next day for brunch. I continued to recommend it for all my friends visiting and now it's become a favorite go-to spot for me. Their lattes are amazing and the food choices are mostly healthy.

P.S. dogs are welcome. 

7. 1803 nyc 
This is a NOLA-inspired restaurant that serves lunch, brunch, dinner, and has a beautiful bar. I went there for a NYFW networking event and loved all the palm leaf decor. It's a great hangout spot for drinks with friends.
Located on Reade Street. 

Have you been to any of these places?
If so, what are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading! 
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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