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Learning to Say No

I've always been the kind of girl who took advantage of all opportunities. 

There's always a lesson to be learned, I would tell myself. Something good will come out of it. 
It doesn't hurt to try.
I would say yes to a lot of things. Regardless of my health on the line. I pushed forward and forward, and wondered why I was tired. Why I was mentally drained. Why I was feeling moody. Why things still didn't work out even when I wasn't rejecting anyone or anything.

I think it goes without saying, that the best lessons can be learned by our experiences. And even though you may be moving in the wrong direction, there comes a time when you'll realize it, learn from it, and you'll find yourself back on track. 

I realized it was my own doing, after realizing how much pressure built up from it. I was trying to do everything. And yet somehow, it still felt like I wasn't doing anything.

There's so many opportunities here in New York City. 
Events every day. Meetings to attend. Influencer trips. Happy hours. Concerts. Parties. 
With that being said, it's tough to do it all. 

However, there is a fine line between accepting what you can do in a fast-paced environment and knowing when to say NO. Even last year, when I was full-time blogging, I was saying yes to everything. I convinced myself that if this was my full-time job, there were no excuses. I had to do it all. Take advantage of every opportunity, even if it meant sacrificing sleep and my sanity. 

At certain points, I did snap. I got to moments where I felt burned out and had to take a step back to remind myself of who I was and what I wanted to achieve out of this. It's definitely hard to go at full-speed, only to crash and feel like you're going backwards from everything you've accomplished. However, those moments are temporary. Taking a step back doesn't mean you've failed. It doesn't mean you can't handle it. It doesn't mean you're weak. It just means that you're strong to know how to take care of yourself, and that hitting the pause button will only help you reach the play button even faster the second or third or even fourth time around.

Ever since I've said no to a lot of people and events (because I just knew it wasn't right for me), I've noticed my mood has increased, I've been happier, and better yet... I've felt stronger in who I am. 
To be able to say no and know what you can handle is a sign of strength. Not a weakness. 

So whenever I come across opportunities, new collaborations, new situations that make me stop and think, I always ask myself: is this benefitting me? What can I learn from this? 

It's ironic how learning to say no... can actually lead you to the right YESes in life. 

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