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What I Think Of Blogging Now

These past few months, I've had more tabs open in my mind than ever before.

This coming from a girl who is constantly juggling multiple things at once. I've felt the most distant from my blog than I have in my past nine years. Whoa. 
My blog has been my online journal. My happy place. My inspiration. A pick-me-up at times when I need a little reminding. Or a lot of reminding. It's gotten me through the worst and best times of my life. 
Usually the blog post ideas flow naturally, but since I've been having to make other priorities, I've been reminding myself to focus more on quality versus quantity. My previous blog post was a huge reminder of that.

I asked you all to submit topics or areas you'd want me to focus on for tonight's blog post. 
A lot of you submitted similar topics, such as branding and PR-related questions. Which -- I will cover soon in a blog post highlighting those questions!

Some of your responses even sparked future blog post ideas that I'd love to cover. 

However, there was one question that really stuck out to me:
What do you think about blogging now?

And the thing is... that question stumped me. 
Because what do I really think about blogging?
Clearly, it's changed. A lot. When I started back in 2010, blogs were simply beginning. No one really knew what they were, why people were doing it, the occasional 'why is she posting photos of herself on the Internet?' question, and where the future of blogs would be. 

It was simple back then. More authentic. Less saturated.
Money wasn't a big factor, which showed who was actually passionate about blogging and building an audience.

Fast forward to now, it's become a "get instagram famous" method, or another way to "make money," or "be trendy like everyone else."

What do I really think of blogging now?

And my answer to that is...

it will always be one of the platforms that started it all. It will be something I will be grateful for for the rest of my life. It helped me find my voice in something I was passionate about.
It has allowed a way for people to communicate, be creative, and tell their story. I think blogging will remain. Maybe not in the way it did when it first started, but it has evolved beyond just on a digital platform. It has given people the opportunity to storytell in the digital space, and I'm excited to see what's next. 

What are your thoughts on blogging? I'd love to hear them!

I had the opportunity to shoot at the Williamsburg Hotel in Brooklyn a few weekends ago, and immediately could not stop gushing over the suite we shot in.

Photography by Ebbe Sweet Photography

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