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How I Stay Positive in Stressful Situations

There's been a particular question that I've been asked on my Instagram.

How do you stay positive in stressful situations?

I look at that sometimes and just laugh. It may come off that it's easy, but that's only because of all the painful, heartbreaking experiences I've dealt with in my past and what I've learned from each one. I do agree though, that more often than not, I've been able to remain positive because of my ability to discipline and train my mind over the years and think before I act in situations. 

If you've read some of my past blog posts, you're probably aware that I've been dealing with a lot on my mind. I've questioned a lot of things that's happened and is still happening in my life. 
Why would you let this happen, God?

I've had ideas of how my life should go, including notions of what a good God would and would not allow in my life. I said I trusted Him with his plan completely, but in reality, I think I trusted in the plan I thought God should follow. And when life takes shocking turns that are far from my expectations, I find myself wanting to run and hide and stop trusting Him. 

I've learned that perspective is the key to trusting God. So often the clarity we need to see things from God's perspective happens in the separations, heartbreaks, and closed doors we all wish we could avoid. Trusting in Him in the most difficult circumstances has given me the peace and strength to overcome stressful situations. 

I read the First 5 app on my phone in the mornings on the way to work, and there was this particular devotion that caught my eye: Perhaps we doubt God's provision and avoid His call into a different vocation. Perhaps we resist joining a church community after a past hurt. Perhaps we oppose the idea of forgiving that person for that sin. Perhaps we sidestep asking God about something because we suspect He may not give the answer we want. At times, we decide we know better than God. We lift our heads and resist His plans. His purposes. 

I've been distracted from the noise around me, and truth is... it's been so overwhelming that it has caused silence from my faith.

When God is silent, he is...
1) trying to get our attention
2) helping us learn something on our own
3) trying to build our faith
4) readying us for higher purposes

It's easy to become negative in stressful situations when God is not present in your life.
When you have the mindset that actions speak louder than words, you're constantly understanding what it is about the situation that you need to learn / gain from. It reflects in your attitude and response to people around you, and that is what I pay attention to.

P.S. Music always finds a way to bring me back through tough situations.
I've been listening to 'Remember,' 'Rescue,' 'You Say,' 'Love Like This,' by Lauren Daigle and Spirit Lead Me by Influence Music on repeat.

Thanks for reading!
How do you stay positive in stressful situations? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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