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Social Media is Like a Mirror

Social media is like a mirror.

You look in the mirror, and you see yourself. But what you merely see is a reflection.
Yeah, sure, you see your eyes, your smile, your nose... but there's more to you that meets the eye.
Social media limits the amount of lives you've touched with your presence. It doesn't show you the people you've made smile and laugh. It doesn't show you how strong you are. How could it?

All the battles you've overcome are completely invisible when you look in the mirror. Social media simply does not have the capability to show how complex and brilliant you are as a person. 

I've watched myself evolve with social media over the years.
The beginning stages -- starting my blog and also starting an Instagram profile in 2010, experimenting with photos, filters, even those Instagram filters with the borders (😂)... wow, can't believe we all did that.
And it still blows my mind how quickly things change. 

Not only that, I've noticed my attitude towards social media changing from two years ago, to where I'm at now. It's not that I no longer want to share my presence, thoughts, and life online, it's just I'm figuring out how to best process and share what is more important to me in this life period I'm in.

I've found greater value in spending and focusing my time and energy on people and things that help me grow. I'm going to be honest -- in the past, I didn't. I was so consumed with wanting to be up to date with trends, people, and it made me feel like I wasn't being true to myself.

Though, reaching this point would not have been possible for me to understand that, had I not gone through the experiences I did in my past. So everything does happen for a reason.

I cannot stress enough how social media shouldn't be seen as real life. 
I still hear girls younger than me saying they want to be like "this influencer," or "have this kind of family life," and it makes me almost sad that that is what others are getting from what is shared online.

With Instagram announcing its new change of "eliminating likes," it gives me almost a sense of assurance that people are finally starting to get it. Maybe we'll start focusing on content. Not the numbers. We'll all realize that if we don't work together, we cannot make an impact on this world. The idea of creativity and stories will be lost, and so will the reason of why this all started in the first place.

Thanks for reading! 
I'd love to hear your thoughts -- how has social media impacted you and your lifestyle?

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