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9TH BLOGIVERSARY // What I Learned in Year 2 Living in NYC

It just occurred to me yesterday that it was my 9TH BLOGIVERSARY.

It's been nearly a decade since I started Gracefullee Made.
In my podcast On The Grow, I explained why I haven't been posting consistently on my blog. 

When I shared last year's blog post celebrating my 8th blogiversary and my 1 year anniversary living in NYC, you guys voted that you'd like to see a blog post about my experiences for my second year here.

In today's post, here are FIVE THINGS I've learned in YEAR TWO living in New York City.


If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you’ll know that I’m a serial planner. Every task, deadline, meeting, appointment is written down in a calendar. I’m always planning on a month-to-month basis.
However, NYC has reminded me constantly that not everything will go according to plan. You can plan everything to a T, and STILL not get it right, and that’s not your fault.
I remember the times I would try to meet with a friend or attend an event. I would try to coordinate the commute time, and yet, there will be a delay of some sort on a subway, or I would miss a subway transfer and arrive late.

The point is... once you learn to accept that LIFE HAPPENS in the midst of all your planning, you’ll remember to not let it get the best of you.

This city moves FAST. Whenever I don't see my best friend in more than a week, we always bring it up that it felt like it was more than a month. Time in a place like New York City moves quicker than most cities or towns. When life feels like it's in a constant hurry, how do you not rush it? 

My solution to that has always been taking a step back and away from anyone or anything that serves as a distraction. One of the reasons I wanted to live alone in NYC is because I know how much I value alone time. I’m someone who needs a lot of it. Constantly. It’s not anything personal against anyone, but I hit refresh more often than not whenever I feel rushed in every aspect of my life. Once you learn to focus on yourself, your needs, and what made you feel this way, you’ll be able to get back on your feet faster.

I can’t tell you enough how many times there have been situations where I’ve gotten NO’S that have turned into MAYBE'S and YES’s. Call it wishful thinking or having faith, but I’ve experienced situations where people have told me no, it won’t happen — and as I gave it time or tried to move on, the rejection shifted to approval. My point here is, don’t ever think because you get rejected from a person, a job, or place, that that it is the final answer. 

Life works in mysterious ways, and God’s timing is always perfect.

As an independent person, I’ve only experienced my own company and how each and every time, I’ve found a way to pick myself up again. The past two years, I've spent the majority of my life with my best friend Erik. It’s been a surprising and yet exciting journey with him, especially this past year, but no matter how “strong” you are or thinking you can handle it, the people you surround yourself with affect who you are becoming. I've learned a lot with and through him, both of us struggling with tough decisions and situations, and I've always truly found happiness in many aspects of my life that I didn't realize were missing. 

My point is, whoever you decide to let into your life... don't rush it. Get to know them. Let them get to know you. There is no deadline to grow a friendship or a relationship. And make sure that person is going to help you GROW into a better person, not bring you down.
I speak more about this in my podcast episode btw -- on Relationships in NYC. 😉

And if that’s the case, then imagine how much can change in TWO YEARS. THREE, even. Imagine putting in hard work, truly dedicating time and effort to something you're passionate about, and seeing the results reflect the strong person that you are. Even if it means giving it a year. Or more. How badly do you want it? 

That’s the question.

Thanks for reading!

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