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This is 25

Truth is, I didn't expect 25 to feel like this.

I feel like every year on our birthdays, even when we don't try to, we place all these expectations on ourselves. Even though age is just a number, there's a lot of significance placed on turning another year older.

Last year for my 24th birthday, I wrote myself a letter.
The letter was to remind myself that even if there are changes in my life where I can't accomplish everything I want to, I will always be proud of the person that I have become. 

I try to put myself in my shoes as a 24-year-old, and wonder if I knew 25 would turn out this way.

There's a lot of things I wasn't expecting.
I wasn't expecting to have a career change.
I wasn't expecting to still be living on my own in New York City. 
I wasn't expecting to be where I am right now. Mentally and emotionally.

A lot has changed for me, in terms of my career. And that's been my biggest focus right now.
(Full blog post here)
Last year, I had a full-time job, making a commute that was further than most and strenuous to do on a daily basis. 
This year, I have the pleasure of working from home, working from anywhere I want, but the situation has more challenges. I'm grateful to be able to be where I am now, I'm happier this way, and I knew there would be more hiccups starting out.

I'm really hoping that as I type all of this out, it'll serve as another reminder that no matter how this turns out, no matter where my path leads me, everything will work itself out. And even it doesn't, there's something to learn from it.

A huge thank you to the Facetime Beauty team for my hair and makeup for this shoot.
They are truly the kindest souls to work with, and I'm so grateful to have the pleasure to work with them.

Photography by Madison Lane Photography

Wearing: sequin dress (on SALE for under $25) | BaubleBar earrings (old) | 
hair and makeup: Facetime Beauty

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