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5 Coffee Places to Visit in NYC

The thing I love about New York City is that you never run out of new places to try.

I feel like lately, the best places I've been to have been random and something I stumbled across.

Even for someone who doesn't drink coffee anymore, I love stumbling across new coffee shops or cafes to work in, and love finding hidden gems throughout the City. 
Everything on the list offers food selections that are worth trying too. 

There's no shortage of coffee shops here in New York City, and here are 5 new coffee places to try... or work at!

1. Kobrik Coffee -- Chelsea, 24 9th Ave 
This cafe is very Instagram-mable and I love the overall vibe.
They have lots of coffee / latte selections, a spacious area to work in, and you'll occasionally be distracted by the dogs coming in. 

2. Blank Slate Coffee + Kitchen -- Midtown: 941 2nd Ave, Nomad: 121 Madison Ave
The Midtown location is a good spot to work at. I love their aesthetic and vibe.
They have lots of coffee, latte and matcha latte selections.

3. Pink Moose -- Midtown East, 1070 1st Ave
They have an amazing latte selection and also roast their own coffee. 
Also... they're releasing a new brunch menu and you don't want to miss it.

You can also brew your own coffee!

4. Dudley's -- Lower East Side, 85 Orchard St
This is an Aussie-American cafe & bar. 
I dined there with my friend Hillary, and we LOVED the food. I ordered the avocado toast and wish I could try some of the other food options. 

I didn't try their coffee, but they also offer matcha lattes. 

5. Pick N Eat -- Washington Heights, 4179 Broadway 
This restaurant / cafe is pretty far up on the West Side of Manhattan.
However, if you take the A express subway train at Columbus Circle, it's only 4 stops up. The restaurant is actually right off the A subway stop at W 175th St. I pass by this spot every time I go to Hillsong at the United Palace in Washington Heights, and finally was able to grab lunch a few weeks ago. 

I ordered the Del Barrio Sweet Potato Bowl and a smoothie. 
They don't have that many coffee selections, but they do have tons of smoothie options.

The place itself has a great vibe and an upstairs area where you can overlook the restaurant. 

Do you have any favorites you want to share?
Let me know if you've been to any of these locations!

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