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Cozy Attire + Home Decor for Quarantine

Here's what's been on my quarantine essentials list:
toilet paper, food, water, and of course... comfortable clothing.

It's been exactly two weeks since I have been quarantined in my family's home in North Carolina.
Two weeks have felt like two months and there are days where I find myself struggling to get myself out of a funk and stay motivated to continue on with my priorities. 

The first week I was quarantined, I found myself constantly wearing pajamas. 
It felt more like a home visit to see the family, and so I wore what I was typically used to wearing.
Now that I've been on week two and have found a more established schedule for the long days, I've noticed what's worked well for me, in terms of clothing. 

One thing I did notice the first week was my change of pace. Because I was wearing pajamas all day, it was harder to feel motivated. I wanted to rest more, do mindless things, and felt distracted most of the time. 
I decided to implement some rules for week two.

{ Dear Claire cropped hoodie  (wearing size S) }

On weekdays, I try to change out of my pajamas and wear workout clothes or something dressier. There's something about dressing up and looking nice that helps with staying motivated. It's a good habit to be able to differentiate work clothes from sleep clothes to keep myself in check. 
However, there are days where it hits me how my routine is unrecognizable from what it was a few weeks ago. But every now and then, I'll remind myself to take it one day at a time. Did I finish editing the podcast I recorded last night? Did I catch up on all my emails? 

It's definitely the little things. 

What are the little things that have been helping you stay motivated? 

Scroll down for more cozy quarantine attire and home decor -- organizing your home is a perfect solution for keeping busy 😉 and there's tons of good sales happening.
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{ Naadam cotton cashmere set: hoodie ℅ (wearing size S) | joggers ℅ (wearing size XS) }



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