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Meet Pepper and Luna: Adopted Kittens

If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably already met Pepper and Luna.

[Pepper at 3 weeks old]

Before COVID-19 happened, I adopted two little kittens in New York City.
The photo taken (above) was the first time I met Pepper. Luna was extremely shy, and I remember she would huddle in the corner watching us from afar. They were the tiniest little kittens -- just 3 weeks old and still nursing from their mother. I had originally planned to adopt just one, but because they were sisters, they were only allowed to be adopted together.

Two week later, I had to leave New York City because the pandemic was getting worse and the city was going into lockdown. I made the initiative to pick them up and take them to my family home in North Carolina. 

At first, they were terrified. Constantly.
They would hide from me, eat in small doses, scratch me, and squeak at any sound. 
I spent a lot of time playing with Pepper and Luna, trying to understand what they liked to do, what they liked to eat, and how to make them feel comfortable in a different atmosphere surrounded by different people.

Pepper (left) and Luna (right)

An important reminder that I gained out of these quarantined weeks was this: trust is EARNED.
It's been taking a few weeks for Pepper and Luna to get used to me. It's taking more time for me to earn their trust and it's a beautiful process watching it all unfold. I've noticed that their behaviors have slowly shifted over time and there have been little moments where they would climb into my arms while I'm working or sleep at the bottom of my bed at night. Little victories, as I like to call them. 

There are days in quarantine when I'm not feeling the best.
But these two have helped me feel better in many ways. 

There's still so much for me to learn about raising adopted kittens. If you have any tips or advice... I'd love to hear from you!

Would you adopt a kitten? 
Are you also raising an adopted pet during this quarantine?

Scroll down for more photos of Pepper and Luna 😸
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